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All around I see things that I shake my head at. A false reality that has so many people brainwashed into a sense of false being. What do we believe when the world we live in is full of lies and deceitfulness? Everything is a marketing campaign to do one thing, get your attention, with the ultimate goal of draining your wallet. Where hardcore is not enough, you need to be extreme to get anywhere. Get caught up in the BS and you will leave yourself vulnerable. You'll start walking a tight rope following your desires with fear pulling at the strings. Fear of failure, fear of living up to a standard, or just plain old fear that has been programmed into your head from the powers that be. After a while there is an adaptation where everything that you’re doing seems normal. This is a slippery slope that many people start to walk thinking they are creating their identity. Feeling superhuman in their minds as compared to the ordinary people in this ordinary world. What makes it even worse is when you start believing this false reality that is perceived. You may specialize in one area, but does that make you a specialist, or someone who has blinders on and is too ignorant to see the big picture? If you keep doing the same thing over again you will never better yourself. It only proves that you are insane to think otherwise. Nobody is larger than life, it’s just not possible. All the training and material things aside, you will leave this place just as you came into it. What happens in between is based upon choices and decisions that were made, which might not have even been yours to make in the first place. If you follow the herd, you will step in shit! Make your own path, leaving a trail behind.

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