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Hello, it's been a while. Not that I don't care, or that I was being lazy, I was on the roller coaster of life without the fun. Living the dream as they say, but I have learned a lot over the last year. Boatloads of stress and illness tends to have that effect. But you know what, how can you be a better person if you never experience these things? If there is no balance there is no reality. You cannot be truly happy unless you have been sad. Healthy, unless you have been sick. Sorry folks, bumps in the road do not count! I mean real life altering stuff that changes the game. You know, when you have to bathe a parent and change their depends because they can’t. The type of stuff that was never in any of the coaching manuals or health books that I’ve read. It’s funny though, the whole fitness and wellness industry sells the promise of good health and longevity. Who are they to even make that claim? My grandmother is 96 years old, never worked out a day in her life, basically consumes a pure shit diet and is still ticking. What a contradiction. I have some theories about this longevity based on my recent experiences that I will share in the future, but I think the most important one is the “I don’t care, one day at a time” attitude. With this type of attitude, there is less stress, and you become teflon. You are a creation of your thoughts. If you’re obsessed about being fit chances are it will bite you in the ass. It did it to me! I thought I was invincible only to find out I wasn’t. Nobody is, not even the great Jack Lelanne or Franco Columbu. Be mindful, not obsessive. What are you scared of anyway? Nobody can change the inevitable, everyone wants to go to heaven, but yet fear death. Seems silly right? Take it easy on yourself, and enjoy the ride.

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