The Winner

Being a winner doesn’t happen by accident. It takes tremendous work ethic and sacrifice to “get the job done.” While everyone wants to be successful, little thought is given to what it actually takes. A lot of people “kind of want it” but it takes more than wanting it. It takes a 100% commitment at all times to make things happen. The winner will sacrifice a little bit more, and do the little things that make the difference between winning and losing. The winner might appear to have things together, but let’s take a look at what their life really looks like. This person typically has a type A personality with a huge ego to go along with it. They are self-absorbed 100% of the time, and typically not very fun to be around. Nothing is ever good enough for them, and while others are displaying a lack of discipline, the winner will never show any chinks in their armor. This “all business” attitude can be abrasive at times, but for good reason. By definition, they are also very lazy. They specialize in one thing, while neglecting all other areas of their lives. In their mind it is all worth this trade off. They never make excuses because actions speak louder than words. They always keep their eye on the prize no matter what. They put in all the work, make all the sacrifice, and when that big day comes nothing gets in their way. They would rather stay home, than show up to an event unprepared. They show up to an event with supreme confidence that they are going to win no matter what obstacles are in the way. Nothing is ever for fun, It’s all or nothing. When their results do not match their expectations, they repeat everything above, typically with more focus. On the outside they give the impression that they are ok with coming up short, but on the inside it kills them.

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