The Coaching Gods

Throughout history there has been a lot of emphasis on the worship of external beings. We can see this all around us, with the major religions each vying for superiority. Unfortunately as we have all come to know, more people have died for this cause than any other. The thought that some external being can solve all of your problems is unrealistic. The surest way to lose your soul is to believe in a god outside of yourself. Only until you yourself come to terms with things, can changes really happen. These external sources are just that, external. They may have good intentions but at the end of the day they are detached. Being detached they cannot possibly have all the answers. Throughout this journey, I have talked to tons of people who damaged their bodies through exercise. The sad reality is many of these same people were coached into their difficulties. How can this be possible?? I thought coaches knew what they were doing?? Think again. You see, in order to become a certified coach, all you have to do is pass a test. You know, what we all did going through school. Does passing a test mean that we are experts in our field?? The answer is absolutely not. I can take a middle school student, have them study for, and pass a coaching test. Does this mean that they are coaches?? Well technically yes. The problem with this type of coach, just like in real life situations, they have no experience. Anyone can read a manual, and regurgitate the principals of periodization to an athlete, but what happens when problems occur? Will this coach know how to deal with them? The answer is no! I see this sort of thing going on all the time, causing me to shake my head. Usually I’ll ask some general questions about the kinds of workouts the person is doing when I see them struggling. In almost every case, the person always defends how great their coaches are, and that they know what they are doing. With that type of belief, who am I to say anything on the contrary? Thoughts become things, and if they think their coaches are god like, they are right! This belief will lead them all the way to injury or illness. They will usually get close to what they desire to achieve, but always fail to hit the target. Once physical problems start to occur when performance starts to fall off, the typical coach will push the blame onto the athlete. The athlete either did not do the workouts correctly, did not eat properly, or did not rest correctly. Either way it is coordinately not the coaches’ fault. This is a vicious cycle that will ultimately lead the athlete to major health issues which ironically they paid for! Stress is stress my friends. It doesn’t matter how it is introduced to the body, and its effects are cumulative, and damaging. When you only look at things from one aspect, you miss the big picture. The athlete could be dealing with environmental stress, work stress, relationship stress, or a combination of everything above causing their performance to dip off. Unless the big picture is looked at these coaching gods are not doing their job. They prescribe the poison without the remedy.

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