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The Ego's the limit!

With the weather getting better outside that competitive time of year is almost among us. All those long winter training hours are soon about to pay off. That first competition is already circled on the calendar with high expectations. I know this feeling first hand, since I’ve spent most of my life competing in some of the biggest events. While I did enjoy my competitive days, I let my passion become obsession destroying my wellness in the process. No pain no gain right? After spending multiple years experiencing pain, there has been tremendous gain. Not athletically, but spiritually, mentally, and physically. With the knowledge I gained over the years trying to undo the physical damage I’ve done to my body through my obsession with competing at the highest levels, I have extreme empathy for all the individuals I come in contact with who like myself damaged their bodies through exercise with no answers why it happened.

I have the answers why physically, and mentally, but for the masses there are no answers to this question because it simply doesn’t exist.

Let’s face it, in our modern society of brainwashing, things are viewed through one set of eyes. Unfortunately when you look at things through one set of eyes, you are blind to everything else that exists. This is the same with competition. Society tells us that we need to be bigger, faster, and stronger. It doesn’t matter what the consequences are, it’s all about the end result. You have to be an ANIMAL with everything that you do. Extreme, ultra, harcore, and warrior are some of the analogies that are used which unfortunately leads to that blindness. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that is supposed to lead you to the promise land that doesn’t exist for most people. Why?? Because for most it’s the ego running the show.

The ego is that inner voice in your head that tells you to push through, even though your body is telling you not to. It will take away the rest that you need, and replace it with a workout, limit the food that you eat to look/perform a certain way, and ruin your achievements if you let it. How do I know, because I lived it. You can always tell when the ego is running the show. When you achieve what you set out to do, it’s never enough. You will simply not be satisfied with the end result, and strive for more. This pattern can keep continuing until for whatever reason the end result is unobtainable. It’s this unobtainable point that will simply erase everything proceeding leading to an altered state of despair.

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