The no BS guide to adrenal recovery (part 2)

Picking up from where we left off last time, let’s talk about the body. The body is an amazing machine that thrives to maintain homeostasis. Simply put, whatever stressors are put on the body, the body will try to adapt. A simple example of this is a skin callus. You start jogging and instantly develop a blister. As long as you let the blister heal, the skin will toughen up preventing the blister from happening again. Does that mean you will never get another blister? Not exactly, but it will take much more to make it happen again.

This is the same thing that happens to the adrenals. They will take a good amount of abuse over the years, but once you cross the line like in the case of the blister, problems happen. Unfortunately by the time these problems occur, usually the damage is done. Once the body gets flooded with cortisol for such a long time, the body thinks this cortisol state is normal. This becomes the new homeostasis. This is where the problem lies.

Once the body enters this state, health problems start to occur. This is the point when all the nasty adrenal fatigue symptoms start. Once the organs of the body get impacted, it takes quite a long time to reverse the damage. Skin and bones heal rather quickly; organs can take years to heal. I am mentioning this so you know up front that there is no quick fix. You will need to “rewire” your body to get it to start working properly again.

The key to this rewire is to get rid of as much stress as you can until your body heals. This is not just taking a week off from work, or some other halfhearted attempt. The stress has to be eliminated completely from your life if you truly want to get better. This may scare some people, but what is scarier, taking years off your life, or some lifestyle changes?

Think back to a time that was extremely stressful. Is it still stressful to you? Now think about the stress that you will face today or tomorrow. Knowing that in the future it’s not going to be a big deal, why make it one now? Stop dwelling on negative things. Just having a positive attitude no matter how bad things appear to be makes a big difference.

Think exercise is a great way to get rid of stress?? Think again. While exercise can be good for you, if you over do it, it will further enhance the symptoms. If the exercise is too intense, it will add more stress. If you are trying to look a certain way and restrict calories while exercising, you are giving yourself a double whammy! Forget chasing athletic goals, your new goal is to reduce stress to enhance healing. If you do exercise, make sure the intensity is low, and that you are fully fueled and hydrated. Upon finishing make sure you take advantage of the post exercise recovery window by eating within the first half hour of training. The body fast-tracks nutrients during this time jump starting the recovery process. Instead of rolling the dice exercising, what if there was another way?

Meditative breath is a solution to this problem. Once again this post is for adrenal recovery, not destruction! One of the main benefits of exercise is oxygenating the body. In the case of the adrenals, this has to be done very carefully in ordered to prevent extra stress. This is where the breathing comes in. The body gets all the positive benefits of exercise, without any of the stress that goes along with it. When done consistently, the body uses the oxygen to repair itself, and the meditation offers the rest the nervous system needs to heal. On top of being good for the body, this type of meditation will help you clear your mind. While meditating, focus on how good you’re going to feel in the future, and envision your body healing itself. Positive thoughts will bring positive outcomes. In the next blog, I will get into supplementation and the medical field. Both are essential if used properly!

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