The no BS guide to adrenal recovery (part 1)

If you are reading this post, chances are your body is not playing nice with you. If you are like me, you want to get to the bottom of what’s going on with your body. By now you have already been to multiple doctors who can’t quite put their finger on what’s wrong with you. They will attempt to treat the many symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue individually without touching the actual cause of the problem. Unfortunately all this experimentation is very expensive, and in most cases will actually cause more harm than good.

I’m not going to lie to you or sugar coat adrenal recovery; it takes a tremendous amount of work and sacrifice. If you are not 100% committed to making huge changes in your life, you will continually deal with the symptoms just in a less severe state. Think of it as driving down a bumpy road. You will have good and bad days continually until you make the 100% commitment.

Being a former pro level athlete I pushed my body to complete failure. While I experienced all the hardcore adrenal fatigue symptoms, my recovery lasted much longer than it should have because I thought I was doing everything right. While to the normal person I was eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle, it wasn’t enough to overcome the bumpy road I was experiencing. To be honest, it took more commitment and effort than any athletic event that I ever trained for. Think of it as preparing for race day every day. This is the type of commitment involved. While none of this was fun in the beginning, it started to become a lifestyle that I thoroughly enjoy now, and couldn’t imagine going back to the way I was.

The biggest thing to let go of is the ego. Coming to the realization that you are not the invincible person you thought is a hard thing to do. In my case, life was traveling at light-speed, and until I put my well-being first, did I start to feel better. If the abuse of your body through exercise caused your issues, guess what? You will need to stop exercising! This is no different than any other area of your life. It could be job stress, relationship stress, or even environmental stress, it all needs to be addressed for recovery to take place. Skimp on any of them, and you will be living on that bumpy road that I talked about earlier. Sometimes the hardest decision and the right decision are the same thing. Don’t let the ego talk you out of it.

Do you know that your diet plays a huge role in your recovery? To many this sounds like a no-brainer, but I assure you it’s more complicated than you imagine. I’m not going to waste your time on what foods are healthy, but consider the water that you drink being tainted with fluoride which is a neurotoxin, and the food additives in most foods as inflammatory. Now factor in the goitrogen vegtables and nuts that you think are healthy as adding more stress to the equation by suppressing the thyroid. Shall we talk about gluten and processed sugar now?? How about the soap and health products that are loaded with chemicals that act as estrogen mimickers when they are absorbed by the body?? Like I said earlier, there is a huge commitment involved!

With this commitment there is a big payoff. As you can imagine, eating a truly clean diet full time is a bit of work. You will basically have to prepare all of your meals yourself. Nothing is impossible, and if I can do it, anybody can. The plus side to this sacrifice is after the initial detox period of feeling worse, your health will take a huge step in the right direction. Besides feeling better, your body will start to balance out, and the stubborn weight that never seemed to fall off will slowly start to melt away. Notice I did not mention anything about exercise. We will leave that for part 2…

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