Band-Aids & Bengay

The alarm goes off first thing in the morning and you know you have to get out of bed. Deep down you wish you could sleep for a couple of hours more, but your coach has a hard workout scheduled for you today. Even though you feel tired and beat up, you know once you drag yourself out of bed you will feel better even though sleep is what heals the body and makes you stronger.

You are trying to cut weight, but no matter how hard you workout the weight never seems to come off. Through sheer will power and dedication, you skimp on breakfast even though breakfast helps stimulate the metabolism.

Satisfying your addiction, you decide to get right into your workout. Despite all the aches and pains, you push through like a warrior. You didn't have your best workout, but you got it in keeping your coach happy. Once finished you wait a while to eat thinking you are burning more calories even though you are suppressing your metabolism. When its finally time to eat you decide to "eat healthy" with a salad and some form of protein while cutting the carbs that help lower the cortisol levels in the body.

Around mid-morning your exercise high starts wearing off causing you to feel tired. To boost your energy you pour yourself a large coffee to get your caffeine high. This instantly makes you feel better despite increasing your cortisol levels and raising insulin resistance.

As the day goes on, you remember that you have to take your cholesterol medication that your doctor prescribed you. Every time you take this pill you wonder why your cholesterol is high even though all your training is depleting your body's hormones.

Heading into the night, you have to take ibuprofen because your body aches from all your hard training. This seems to be a constant battle lately even though high cortisol levels inhibit the the regulation of inflamination. That night your coach gives you kudos after looking over your workout data. With this affirmation you are more motivated than ever to continue following the "program."

Heading into the night you are tired. You eat a small meal a few hours before bed because you don't want to get fat. Hoping to get a good night of sleep you wonder why you woke up multiple times during the night even though your nervous system did not rest at all.

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