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This premium quality, soft organic cotton blanket, lined with the reliable protection of real silver radiation shielding fabric makes this blanket a convenient way to protect you and your loved ones from radiation. It is super soft & comfortable, and ideal to use anytime!

Numerous studies have shown that everyday radiation impacts cell growth, DNA replication, and brain cell function meaning we are vulnerable to cell phone and wireless radiation.

Key Features

PURE SILVER THREADS protect yourself effectively from radiation exposure.

VERSATILE AND USEFUL Bodyguard EMF blanket by Solitary Health can be used from pregnancy to adulthood. Great for any age!

99.9% SHIELDING EFFECTIVENESS (~50dB) give you peace of mind and comfort that you are surrounded in the highest protection available.

Dimensions: 59 x 80 inches

Bodyguard EMF Blanket

SKU: SH0003
  • 1. The silver fiber anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric is monotonous and relatively thin. It is used as the lining of the blanket. Therefore, our silver fiber anti-electromagnetic radiation blanket are double layers, and the outer layer is polyester-cotton fabric by default. 2. Silver fiber anti-electromagnetic radiation fabrics exhibit excellent shielding performance under high-frequency electromagnetic radiation environments. The greater the shielding effectiveness value at a certain frequency point or frequency band, the better the protection effect, which is usually 30dB (equivalent to a shielding rate of 99.9%) The above is a very good effect. The maintenance method of silver fiber: Silver fiber exposed to the air can't avoid oxidation, the fabric will be black or yellow, is a normal phenomenon, doesn't affect the shielding effect. 1. It is recommended to wash with well water, mineral water, pure water; (Reason: Some tap water contains chloride ion, and if the chloride ion is excessive, it is easy to react with silver to reduce the damage to silver by alkali and chlorine) 2. Modest amount of neutral detergent, washing for a short time; (Do not use acidic detergent or laundry detergent) 3. Can't rub and washing machine wash. Can't be bleached, After washing, you can't wring it, pick up directly from the water and hang it in a ventilated and dry room. 4. It's recommended to wash or wash as little as possible to prevent improper washing effect of shielding. Silver is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal, which prevents odors.  

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