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While all of my other friends in Rhode Island were playing traditional sports, I took to BMX racing at the age of 7.  What started as fun turned into traveling all over the country, literally competing 7 days a week, to years later winning the World BMX Championship.  Upon a 13 year retreat from cycling and ballooning up to an unhealthy 230lbs, the next chapter started racing road bicycles.  What began as a mission to lose some weight at 32 years old, ended up being a march through the USA Cycling categories to a category 1 racer.   Life was good racing pro, winning road and criterium championships along the way.  With no clear goals on the radar, I took the battle internal.   I started a mission to see how lean and strong I could get in the offseason.   While thinking I was invincible, I ignored my body which ultimately led to Adrenal Fatigue causing my body shut down.  I went from competing at an elite level, to not being able to walk around a parking lot weeks later.   Terrified not knowing what was going on, western medicine had no answers.   I had to fix myself.  After being forced to let go of everything, I undertook an 18 month struggle to get my health back.    With the knowledge I gained through my experience, I am happier than ever and looking to help others on their journey.

Create a common sense approach to help you be the best version of yourself.


Provide a community that can help with the issues you are going through.  You are not alone!


Through personal experience, help provide basic information  to a path of recovery.


Our mission

To provide people the basic knowledge about what can happen to the body when it gets neglected and how to feel good again.


We pick up the pieces that your coaches left behind!

John Badessa



Rhode Island

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