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"This is the roller coaster ride that will open the eyes of many, and hopefully guide others to good health. "

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An eye-opening story on pushing the limits.

Learn what choices are detrimental to your health.

Find out the flaws in Western medicine dealing with athletes.


Find out what the path to recovery looks like.

Take control of your wellbeing!

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Solitary health is a state of self empowerment to take control of one's destiny through the inner being to become the best one can be. 

Good health is the greatest gift one can have!

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"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out."
The real key to health

Homeostasis refers to stability, balance, or equilibrium within a cell or the body. It is an organism’s ability to keep a constant internal environment. Homeostasis is an important characteristic of living things. Keeping a stable internal environment requires constant adjustments as conditions change inside and outside the cell. The adjusting of systems within a cell is called homeostatic regulation. Because the internal and external environments of a cell are constantly changing, adjustments must be made continuously to stay at or near the optimal set point.

Many homeostatic mechanisms keep the internal environment within certain limits (or set points). When the cells in your body do not work correctly, homeostatic balance is disrupted. Homeostatic imbalance may lead to a state of disease. Disease and cellular malfunction can be caused in two basic ways: by deficiency (cells not getting all they need) or toxicity (cells being poisoned by things they do not need). When homeostasis is interrupted, your body can correct or worsen the problem, based on certain influences. In addition to inherited (genetic) influences, there are external influences that are based on lifestyle choices and environmental exposure. These factors together influence the body’s ability to maintain homeostatic balance.

This is the foundation of any wellness plan. 

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